Where do we meet?

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We meet in an old theater in the center of Amsterdam. You wouldn’t expect it, walking around the small street Nes, the cultural main street of Amsterdam. The Tobacco Theatre is a true hidden gem, located in an old tobacco auction house in the center of Amsterdam. This completely renovated city monument is  industrial, fresh, sturdy and with an obvious love for design and history.

The large hall is oriented exactly north, with a historical shed roofing,  so that buyers would have clear light to judge the tobacco leaves, and trade them properly. You’re shown a small and sunny glimpse of the rich history of the old tobacco auction house. The industrial and historical elements of the building were left complete. We fell in love with this beautiful building and its atmosphere. We can accommodate about 200 people so we guarantee an exclusive feeling to the conference.  Apart from the main stage we have 4 breakout locations at this venue.