What is the primary conference language?

English will be the primary conference language throughout the sessions. However we expect to have visitors from around the world speaking English, Chinese, German, Swedish, Spanish and of course Dutch.


How can I let you know that I want to present in the open session slots on Friday?

We are excited that you would like to present at the interactive open sessions! Please send us an email (news@globalpositivechange.org) with your name, topic and interactive session description in two to three sentences.

Starting in February of 2017 we will list conference participants on the website who have indicated a willingness and desire to facilitate an interactive session-slot on the second day of the conference.


Will you be offering a livestream of the conference?

The conference is designed to create a unique experience for participants and all attendees are encouraged to be active participants in the conference.  We believe the ability to engage in dialogue with fellow participants and to be fully present are key to the conference experience.  Therefor we will not livestream the conference. Following the conference there will be a photo gallery available on the website.


Is there a printable version of the program available?

On the website you always find the most recent version of the program with the confirmed inspiration navigators and we are continually updating the program!  The final program will be available on the website in a printable format on March 31st.